Monday, February 23, 2009

edwardian pheasant and duck hunting trip for 2009

A European Wing Shooting Odyssey

For many of us, the thoughts of driven pheasants bring to mind the Edwardian times of turn of the century England. Men in ties and breeks, with fine shotguns, shooting fast flying pheasants as they soar overhead - their loader calling, “Ahead, Sir” and an occasional “Well shot, sir!”

Okay, Hungarian Hunting, and your hosts Bill Olah and John Wiles, can make that happen – and make it affordable as well. Read on.

Hungary has one of the finest and oldest traditions for driven shooting anywhere in Europe. It is an American friendly country. It is a Roe Deer, Red Stag, Wild Boar, European hare, and PHEASANT heaven. It also features some wonderful Mallard shooting. Castles and fine hotels, as well as dining in intimate pubs or high scale restaurants, are available. It is an easy country to get to. You can bring your own shotgun, no problem. Ten hunters can shoot 1,000 to 1,500 pheasants and 500 ducks in a full three days of shooting.

Picture yourself –
You arrive in Budapest after your overnight flight from the US. You are met by your American/Hungarian host who makes sure all your luggage and guns are accounted for, and your immigration into Hungary is pleasant and seamless. A luxury bus transports you and your fellow hunters to a castle, located in a stately area of the Hungarian countryside, surrounded by woods and waters. You shower, change, and meet your hunting companions by the fire for cocktails before dinner and to get an insight into what to expect in the next three days of hunting. You have an elegant, pleasant, and relaxing meal in the castle’s incredible dining hall, and hear stories of the marvelous history of Hungarian Hunting, big game trophies, and the magnificent pheasant and duck hunting you are about to enjoy. You go to bed in a room where royalty has slept, and only the excitement of tomorrow keeps you awake for that extra few minutes.
You are up early next morning for the short ride to the hunt club. From there you travel in the traditional wagons across the hunt area to your first driven shooting stand. You are met by your loader/attendant, whose job it is to help you be in a position to shoot birds safely and effectively, keep you loaded and focused, and keep count of the numbers of birds you bag. Gun ready, shells handy, eyes upward, you wait for the first of many high and hard flying Hungarian pheasants. The horn sounds, and the drive is on.

Sporadic fire comes from your left and you glance that way to see one of your companions has folded a cock bird coming over the trees. Before you can congratulate him, you attendant says, “Front” and you see a pair of birds, cock and hen, coming over the trees straight at your position. Here we go. The gun comes up smoothly and you fire once to the left and once to the right. As you open the gun, you hear the pleasant ‘Whamp’, ‘Whamp’, of two birds hitting the ground. And so it goes.

Shots made, shots missed, grand high shots; simple, close crossers and incomers – the variety is endless, and so are the birds – until the horn sounds again, as the beaters are closing in, and safety is paramount over a late flying straggler.

This could be you for three glorious days this Fall during the first week in November. Three full days of pheasants and ducks with one full morning and afternoon of pheasants and two days with morning ducks and afternoon pheasants, or vice versa. You and your shooting companions can expect to bring to bag 1,000 pheasants, or more, and 500 ducks, or more, depending on quality shooting of the guns and the desires of the group. You will stay at well appointed, historic accommodations, a castle, with gourmet meals, served in house, or dine at a one of a myriad of fine restaurants in town. Gentlemen, ties are not required, but you won’t be out of place with one either.

Your itinerary –
Leave the US Sunday, November 1st and arrive in Budapest, Monday November 2nd. Transfer to castle lodging. You will then have three full days of hunting for pheasants or ducks, or both, on November 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Transfer to Budapest on the 6th for the flight home, or for an extended one day stay for sight seeing and shopping in this cosmopolitan life center.

Package Cost Includes –
Transportation to and from the airport, and to and from the hunting area
All meals for all days, including fine Hungarian wines with your suppers
Prepared meals in the field at lunch when opportune
All licenses
All shells
Gun entry fees and permits
A pheasant bag limit of 1000 for the group of 10
A Mallard bag limit of 500 for the group of 10
Note - additional birds available on a fee basis for group or individuals.
Services of Loader/Attendant
All gratuities
Total $4995

Not included:
International Airfare
Additional days in Budapest
Alcoholic beverages, other than those provided with meals
Items of a personal nature