Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Press Release Corner

Hunting season is coming again. If you like international hunting for small games, like Pheasants and ducks, come with us and enjoy the great hospitality of Hungary " Old Europe".
We have all that a wing shooter would live for, open fields without the bag limits, shoot as much as you want, our guides will take you where the pheasants are, test your skills and hunt until the sun goes down.
We are one of the preferred guides to Europe in Gray's sporting journal.
Expeditions to Hungary for Pheasants and Ducks we invite the world to see what game management looks like, so come and join us for a fun filling trip to Europe. If you are an avid wing shooter or just like to hunt with your friends and family come and join us.
More Press Realeses go to:
look for us at the Vintagers cup in Maryland September 27-28-29-30Th.
or simply call 201-674-5761 US number.

2007 Hunting season at the start

We are eager to get out and hunt just like last year there are many opportunities to hunt in the World. My heart still in Hungary the beauty of the plain Fields and the whispering trees on the mountains.

Hungary is in the central Europe, old trading rout between East and West and this is where you can find a very high wild life game management. Team of experts to save the game from over hunting. But still keep the hunting traditions going. They have a wide variety of shoot able games, starting with the King of the Forest the Red Stag deer.

Speaking of Red Stag deer season just started and they already got a more then 14kg Stag scoring at 254,15 CIC point. This red stag is about 14 years old. what a beauty!

Now small game season is around the corner sign up for it. or just call me in the US (201)-674-5761
We hunt Driven or Walk up style for Pheasants, lots of fun over 10,000 hectar we have a good healthy population of about 30,000 birds. Now that is impressive good job on that this is where real game management comes in.